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 Molly Stevenson rather expected her new job at Crabapple Yarns to be deadly boring...but somehow she just didn't expect the "deadly" part to be quite so literal.


Molly Stevenson rather expected her new job at Crabapple Yarns to be deadly boring...but somehow she just didn't expect the "deadly" part to be quite so literal. After all, what could possibly be more sweet and innocent than a yarn store and a bunch of ladies knitting?


As a librarian, by trade and by nature, Molly really ought to have known better. And, worse, she broke the first rule of librarianship - never, ever judge a book by its cover. Sadly, some of us have to learn the hard way. Perhaps that is why Molly didn't exist long as assistant librarian at Springgate Library.


The new job at Crabapple Yarns seemed like the only sensible thing to do at the time - until she could find something better of course. But, working at a yarn store really didn't fit into her life plan.


She never expected to become a knitter.

Molly never expected her sweet little boss to be hiding the fact that she was receiving threats. She never expected to discover a Knitting Fairy. And, she most certainly never expected a Knitting Fairy to try to kill her.


 Is Raspberry Hill haunted by more than old regrets and lost chances? Natalie Wolcott, one third potential beneficiary, is about to find out.


When Grandma Rose passes away, she leaves her magnificent, if slightly sinister, mansion on the edge of town to her three estranged relatives who, according to the terms of the will, must live on site for one year, three months and four days for before they can inherit. It is obvious that Raspberry Hill, although given, still comes at a high price. Whispers of murder and a town with a long memory have Natalie wondering one thing… Who was Grandma Rose?... because it’s all too apparent that someone doesn’t want them there.


When things start to go bump in the night, Natalie is convinced that someone from town, or perhaps even one of her co-inheritors, is trying to force her out. That is, until she meets the ghost in the basement.


Her only comfort is her new job at Crabapple Yarns. Unfortunately, the shadows of the past are knitted together with the present and before she has a chance to fit in disaster strikes the sweet little yarn shop. The plan to save Crabapple Yarns unwittingly sets into motion a chain of events that just might end with another murder at Raspberry Hill.



Writer. Knitter. Daydreamer.

It’s amazing, isn’t it? Twenty-six humble letters in the alphabet. By themselves... not very impressive. And yet, those tiny things are put together in endless combinations and change the world. Every day... every day... they change your world. That’s a lot of power. The same is true with knitting. One single (really, really long) strand of yarn could be anything... a sweater, a scarf... a turtleneck for a flag pole... and it’s this endless combination of words and fiber that inspire Jaime both as a writer and as a knitwear designer for Live.Knit.Love. Her biggest wish for you is that you, too, would use your powers for good, realize the joy of creating, and follow your own dream and become who you are supposed to be...YOU. And no one else.

Jaime Marsman of Live.Knit.Love