Don't you think that we should sit on the edge of the earth more? To relax and just be ourselves... thinking dreaming...And, of course, letting our feet dangle?


However, they should really only dangle if they're dressed appropriately. They should be warm - it might be breezy at the edge of the earth after all. And they most definitely should be cute. No worries. Wear these socks and you'll be fine!


These socks are adorable! And comfortable! The soles are knitted in reverse stockinette stitch so they are extra comfy! And the lace pattern is charmingly interuppted

by sweet ribbing!


Oh! And they're knitted from the TOE UP! FUN! EASY!



Yarn: Fingering Weight

Item# S08




SIZES: Women's Size 7-9

Dangle Your Feet Socks

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We sat on the edge of the earth, with our feet dangling over the side
... Erik Dillard

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