Lorelai always knows exactly what she wants.

And she wants to be your new best friend.


She’s warm, smart and sassy – yet very sweet. She’s unexpected and original – but fits in everywhere she goes. She’s quite opinionated (but only in a very good way) and extremely used to compliments. Actually, she kinda reminds us a lot of… you! She is most definitely a kindred spirit.


Lorelai is a double dose of knitterly happiness – she is fun to knit and fun to wear!


Lorelai can be a wee bit mischievous and she will try to fool you into thinking that she is quite complicated to knit… but don’t you believe it! She’s a joy to knit.


Alternating bands of Twin Leaf and Herringbone Faggot pattern give Lorelai her unique appearance, and the bell sleeves edged in the Twin Leaf pattern are just as sweet as they can be! Get out your needles and grab your yarn– because here comes your new best friend! Lorelai!



Yarn: DK Weight

Item# MW12



SIZES: Finished Chest Size: 36(38,40,44,46,50)”



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