Schaapje The Little Dutch Sheep

Schaapje wants to come live with you!


 Just look at the cute way her little ears perk up when you're near! She loves you! And, we can tell – you love her too!


Now you can knit Schaapje, the loveliest sheep of them all, for yourself! She is very easy to knit, and she is so sweet and gentle. She won't even complain when you stuff her. And won't she be the most adorable little friend you have ever knitted? We think so too.


Plus, she is very low maintenance. No shearing required. And, she promises not to eat all of your grass either (unless you want her too, of course)! What more could you want?




Yarn: Bulky Weight

Item# E10





SIZE:  The Perfect Little Sheep Size (About 7")

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