Sister Bear Cardigan

Juu-sssttt Right for Sister Bear!

With it’s easy, but adorable, little patterned yoke, this is a wardrobe staple for any baby!


Now, the big sister can have the same adorable patterned yoke sweater as the baby! Better make two – it’s sure to be a favorite!


Guess what? This sweater is knitted from the neck down,

meaning that there are minimal seams to sew.

As a matter of fact, the only seam you have to sew is the sleeve seam! Yippeee!


Psst... this sweater also has two sisters - the Baby Bear Cardigan for ummm.. babies, of course! And the Mama Bear Cardigan for ladies! (each sold separately)! Happy Days!



Yarn: Worsted Weight

Item# CH02




SIZES: Finished Chest Size: 23"(26")

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