(Cuddler size shown)


Sweet Gingham
Baby Blanket & Cuddler

A little Gingham Check is so sweet!


This blankie is as sweet as the little baby you are knitting it for! The adorable little checks are Seed Stitch, Reverse Stockinette Stitch and Stockinette Stitch. This blanket is also completely reversable! Sweet!


Guess what? This blanket comes in two different sizes. The Baby Blanket size is 36" x 36" - a lovely size to wrap a beautiful baby in - and a Cuddler size (14" x 14") - the most perfect size for a little friend to snuggle and cuddle!


Here's a hint: You'd better make more than one Cuddler -

little friends never seem to want to let them out of their sight!




Yarn: Worsted Weight

Item# CH22




SIZES: Size: Cuddler (14"x14"), Blanket (36"x36")

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