Your toes will love to twinkle in these comfy, cute socks!


Need proof? Try this:

Look directly at your toes and say, "Hello lovely toes - how would you feel about wearing some Twinkle Toes socks today?"They're wiggling and twitching in happiness, aren't they? We knew they would. They always do.


A lovely and delicate ruffled picot bind off finishes off the top of these cute socks! And, these socks are knitted from the toe up! The benefits of this? No Kitchenering of the toes! No picking up stitches at the heel gusset! A more customized fit! Pretty cool, huh? And unbelievably fun!


These socks are extra super comfortable because the bottoms are knit in reverse stockinette stitch - so you will have nice, comfy and cushy knit stitches underfoot!


Twinkle on little buddies! Your feet will thank you.





Yarn: Fingering Weight

Item# S07




SIZES: Women's Size 7-9

Twinkle Toes Socks

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